who is Martin?

Martin Lönegren was put on earth with something that can almost be described as a primal force in his throat. When he was 10 years old, he was given an acoustic guitar by his parents, and when he heard Elvis Presley that same year, Martin realized that this was exactly how music should both sound and feel. The country, bluegrass, blues and gospel of the American South, combined with singer-songwriter and folk music, became and has remained the standard Martin holds as “real music”.

With lyrics that often provide unique and clear-sighted perspectives on e.g. time, life and meaning, they are delivered in a mesmerizing way, as if each concert were the one and only. Reviews from Martin’s live performances include “spellbinding”, “divine voice” and “world-class performance”.

Last year, Martin released a couple of singles, an EP and a featuring (with the Dimpker Brothers). In March 2024, he released the first single in the series of 10 songs that will make up the album Waterline.